Words I will journal by.

Create. Learn. Try. Believe you can.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Back at last

I really think it's time to grasp the nettle and renew my blog! Some of you reading this will say 'At Last!' I do want to blog my art work and family news but I'm pretty shaky on the techy side. I'm also unsure of how the photos will upload using my iPad to blog. Anyhow I'm going to give it a try by posting some work I completed this weekend. I've recently become involved with an Art Encouragement group, run by a lovely Aussie, Rachel Thomas. She has a lot of struggles in her own life but constantly 'gives out' to others in need of hugs, love and encouragement. So I'm trying to do my bit and create some art pieces for those nominated by the group Rachel admins. I'm going to try to post them in the order of the process. So here we go!