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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Wanderlust latest!

Oh I'm loving this year long online class! It is full of great videos, great teachers, wonderful art and brilliant opportunities to respond to so many creative ideas and challenges. Here are some photos of  what I've been up to in my art journal responding to the various challenges we've been offered.

This spread was in response to a challenge where we were asked to use a word that sums up where we feel we are at this moment in our lives/creative journeys. The word I chose is: Love. Because I 
really love my life at the moment. I am so lucky to have a beautiful family who I love so much and
who love me! I am also loving the opportunities that retirement has given me to pursue my creative journey. I love my life. I am truly blessed.
The following photos are my response to the second 'prompt' we were given. We were simply given the phrase: 'What I want...'  This is my response. I am very inspired by the work of Deb Weiers which I've already mentioned. That inspiration continues! Hope you like it. I'm pleased that I'm learning to leave white space! A difficult lesson to learn for me! 

This spread started life like this:

Thursday, 21 January 2016

A Different Direction

Amazingly, I find myself blogging two nights in a row but I have been doing so much stuff recently that I find I have quite a lot to blog about. This post is one of the pages I've recently completed for the current round of 'The Circle Journal'. There are seven of us currently passing our journals between us and 'playing' in each other's hand made journals. It's been fabulous fun and I've learned a lot just from seeing everyone's ideas. For Catherine Johnson's journal page I wanted to find a way of making more use of black ink. A lot more. Recently I've been inspired by the work and conceptual thinking of Deb Weiers. I'm also very inspired by Tracy Scott and her take on Deb's ideas too. But I want to find my own way with these ideas; hence the page I'm posting tonight. I hope you like it!
As there is no focal point as such, I wanted to concentrate on producing a rhythmic feel and a continuous flow. No surprise then that I included the title: rhythm and flow. Catherine's name is tucked inside there too. One of the rules in our circle is to include at least one PaperArtsy product. So for me this has been their Fresco chalk paint. It's a lovely medium to use and offers both opaque and transparent options. Great for layering. The photos below probably don't need much explanation but I will add product names where appropriate.

The stencils are all from the Tim Holtz range by Ranger.

I love the contrast between the dominant, darker, inky pool stencilling and the receding, snowflake stencilling. I'm learning to make a lot more use of white! The next stage was to plunge right in and create some lines with black ink to trail across and around the page to give the impression of continuous movement. I hope I've achieved that. I used Winsor and Newton drawing ink and calligraphy pen.
I was tempted to allow drips which I think would look effective but wasn't brave enough in the end. However, I used a black sharpie pen to add more thickness to some of the lines. Eventually I want to use only black ink to do this but was running out of time so used the sharpie instead. It still didn't feel quite finished at this point so I added some white doodling to the black lines. I tried to create the impression of ribbon unfurling around the black lines but possibly added too much to make this convincing. 

 Although I had added some doodles in black ( faber castell) around the textured circles, I didn't feel they were prominent enough. So I added some Treasure Gold over the top. I tried Emerald at first but then resorted to good old renaissance!

So there you have it. The beginning of a new direction for me in art journaling but one I'm keen to explore further. I really hope you like it. I would love you to leave a comment so I know you dropped by. Until the next time! Xxx

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

PaperArtsy Blog post

I was thrilled recently to hear from Darcy who was looking for volunteers to do some blog posts while the PA team are getting ready for their big Stitches show launching all their  new products. Scary but exciting. It also fitted well with my New Year resolution to use all my PA stamps from eons ago! There is a step by step on the PA blog, so this post is just to showcase what I made with a few more pics. I've also stated on the PA blog that I will explain how to make the little paper flowers on here. But first some pics of what I made!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

New year. New journey.

Happy new year folks and Thankyou for visiting my very irregular blog. I will try harder to post more regularly, especially as I'm signed up to so many online classes. Christmas was lovely but exhausting so I didn't even manage to post pics of this year's batch of hand made cards. However, after creating 75 for family, friends and neighbours, my energy levels were deplete! Lovely feedback from appreciate recipients though make it all worth while. However, this year will be more about my art journey. 'Wanderlust' by Everything Art, has just started and I've completed my first Wanderlust Book challenge. This was an opening page containing one word which sums up how I'm feeling at the moment. Well, this was easy. My word is: LOVE. Mainly because I love my life! (Will post pics when they've downloaded). Now I'm retired I have 'guilt-free' time. I love being able to spend time with my daughters and gorgeous Grandfairies. I love meeting up with friends, any time, anywhere, for coffee and chats. I love days out with my lovely husband Pete, using our National Trust cards and enjoying delicious lunches. I've also joined a 'knit and natter' craft group in my village - meeting at the local pub (persuasive) - to learn to crochet. So this year is 'my' year. I'm determined to practise, practise, practise my face portraits this year too. I have the books - Pam Carriker, Jane Davenport, Dina Wakley - I'm signed up to the online courses, so no more excuses!  Hope you will also be blessed with a life you love this year xxx