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Sunday, 8 September 2019

Fun techniques with gelatos

Hi everyone!
Quite late to the blog with my lovely project in this month’s ‘Making Cards and Papercraft’ but it is still available at Hobbycraft, WHSmiths, several supermarkets and craft shops if you are quick! You can order a copy directly from: www.makingcardsmagazine.com and postage is free! You can also buy a digital edition if you prefer. In my project for this month’s magazine I’ve used gelatos in various different ways so if you have these in your craft stash or are new to these gorgeous creamy watercolour pigment sticks, you might well be interested in buying a copy to see just how I created these!
It’s amazing to think that these cards and gift tags started like this! 

I love playing with gelatos and seeing what I can do with them. All thanks really to Birgit Koopsen who first introduced me to these at Version Scrap, a few years ago. The more you ‘play’, the more you find out what you can do with them. They work well on all painted surfaces; you can use them as crayons or you can crumble them and make them into watercolour sprays!

I love using them with stencils. They are so creamy that it is easy to rub them across the stencil and then use your finger to smooth the colour into the cut out shapes. It leaves little crusts of colour where you push the gelatos through. Delicious. 

But this and other techniques are far better explained with lots of photos in this month’s Making Cards and Papercraft magazine! There’s still time to buy it before the October edition is released next week! I’m so chuffed that Sally Jarvis and her lovely team have allowed me to create projects for their lovely, crafty magazine! And to present my makes so beautifully. Thanks for stopping by folks and hope this project gets you looking for those gelatos! 

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