Words I will journal by.

Create. Learn. Try. Believe you can.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Beginning the Journey

Hi to all those who have stopped by tonight. I'm still on a learning curve with the blogging world but excited about getting on board. I intend to use this blog to map my creative journey. I have so much to learn and hope you will critique the artwork I display here to help me along the way. I've had a busy weekend. Yesterday , my good friend Linda (my crafting friend) and I headed 2 1/2 hours up the motorway to my favourite Art shop - Art From The Heart - in Harrogate, for a workshop based on Teesha Moore's art style. I was hoping to make several postcards in her style but sadly only ended up with one. Tad disappointing but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. Will post a pic of the one and only once I've photoshopped it.


  1. Hiya Chris, glad to see you're sticking with it. How come you only managed one postcard though?

    Can't wait to see it anyway xxx

  2. Keep at it Chris... Sam is Miss Speedy Crafter BTW.... look forward to seeing your post card soon.

  3. Evening Chris :D Glad you had a lovely day and can't wait to see your postcard!! Keep at it xxx