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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Masterboards with the Grandfairies!

Hi everyone! Lots of lovely photos to reflect the amazing art work my older two Grandfairies produced yesterday afternoon: Imogen, who is 9, and Niamh who will be 11 at the end of July. ("I'm almost a teenager, you know Nana"!!! Ha ha!)They are such lovely girls. I'm so proud of them and their art work continues to blow me away.  Although I show them art journaling techniques, their choice of colours and which tools they want to use is very much their own decision. In fact, if I make a suggestion I am always told, "No, I like it like that Nana". You will see from the photos, they are skilful stampers too, well able to manipulate a rubber stamp to use just part of it.  They love mark-making and continually save me bits and pieces they find to keep safe for their own and my art journaling. I learn a great deal watching them make art: sometimes free and careless, sometimes so very careful and precise, depending on their mood. It's a joy and a privilege to share crafty afternoons with them.

Here is Niamh, having completed the first of three masterboards. She was on a roll. She wanted to create some postcards to give to some of her teachers and classmates when she leaves next week to start at a new school a little closer to her new home.
And this is Imogen. She wanted to make 'small cards' for her teachers and friends when she also says goodbye to them this week. Sad, but necessary. They've been getting up at 6.45 am every morning to continue at their schools, followed by fairly costly bus journeys. They are both looking forward to making new friends at their local primary school. Not such an early start!
Niamh - concentrating hard creating her base layer. I love their colour choices. They are both getting a good understanding of the colour wheel.
Imogen loves using contrasting colours. Thank goodness she is out of her 'black' phase where everything she created ended up predominantly black! It's been hard sitting on my hands at times!
Niamh adding a stencil layer. They are both so good at using stencils. Never any need to tape them down.
Not the easiest stencil to manipulate! Not one I would have chosen for her, but she was adamant. That was the one she wanted. And of course, when you see her final result, she was absolutely right. So what do I know? I'm learning to trust their decisions.
Here is Imogen working on her second masterboard, Mark-making. They love using all sorts of tools for this stage. Coming along beautifully. I love her colour choices here.
Niamh, looking carefully for any spaces that still need more stamping. Just look how confidently she holds that stamp.
Imogen stamping with confidence too. You can see both her masterboards, side by side. Such different colour combinations. And all of this on just one afternoon. They are quick workers!
The completed masterboards. Now, they just need to be cut up to create Niamh's postcards and Imogen's 'small cards'. Back door open due to a lovely hot day. Bonus! 
Niamh, remembering to ink all the edges of the 12 postcards she created from her three masterboards.
Imogen, carefully inking all her card edges too. All ready to make up into some very impressive 
cards. I must admit to being rather envious of their results. 

So there we are! A very enjoyable, creative and productive afternoon. Apart from an ice-cream break, they both played happily completing their cards for about five hours! My gorgeous grandfairies. I love you both so much xxx
Until next time! 


  1. I am really impressed with their work - and the amount they got done. Are you sure they're related to you? Decision making and faffing come to mind... So glad you got to have a creative afternoon with them. Hoping they settle into their new school quickly too.

    1. Thanks Helen. You know me so well! I'm blown away by how quickly they work. They make their colour choices really quickly and just start painting! No messing around planning where to put paint etc. They are so intuitive. I'm learning a lot from them now!