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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Book-in-a Box 2

Hi everyone! Many thanks to everyone who 'liked' and commented on this project last night and today. You are such lovely, encouraging people. As promised, here is part 2 of the step by step explaining how I put the booklet together. This links to my PaperArtsy project that you can see Here.if you missed it yesterday.

I made the box and the back of the booklet alongside each other so many of the steps which I explained yesterday are also true for tonight's explanation, so I shall try not to repeat myself!
These were the colours I started with. All PaperArtsy Frescos of course. 
As you can, before I laid down the first layer of paint, I ripped up some vintage papers from a fairy tale book. This was serendipitous as it fitted so well with the idea of displaying my five granddaughters' photos on the reverse of this side of the booklet. The story was: The Dancing Princesses. It couldn't be more fitting so I used the title to the chapter as a title for the booklet. Once the paint layer was dry, I used some Golden 3D gel through a bubble stencil in various parts of the entire surface. The final result is lovely because the gel glistens when it catches the light where it's displayed. I'm so glad I did this!

A closer look! 
Now I began a stencilled layer using various PaperArtsy stencils and a couple of Stencil Girl ones. As with the booklet, I carried on adding  complementary colours, but also introducing some Fresco China to contrast against the Reds, yellows and pinks! All the stencils were chosen with the children in mind. They are still very young and I wanted that to come through in the way I decorated it all. 

After stencilling I used Tracy Scott's first stamp set that she designed for PaperArtsy to stamp and colour various images across the booklet. I used Ranger Distress Crayons for this. I also added 
various marks using bottle caps and lids, then coloured these with various gelatos in complementary colours. I love the transparency of these. Finally, I added some doodling with black Pitt pens and uniball white gel pens. I also used some paint pens to produce stronger colours in various parts of the stamped images. I just love those flower images in the stamp set. These are available to buy here.
So, there we are. I do hope you have enjoyed reading through my process. I will be back again tomorrow night to show you how I used a mix of  Ranger Oxides and PaperArtsy Infusions to complete my mixed media project. Until then...

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