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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

PaperArtsy Blog post

I was thrilled recently to hear from Darcy who was looking for volunteers to do some blog posts while the PA team are getting ready for their big Stitches show launching all their  new products. Scary but exciting. It also fitted well with my New Year resolution to use all my PA stamps from eons ago! There is a step by step on the PA blog, so this post is just to showcase what I made with a few more pics. I've also stated on the PA blog that I will explain how to make the little paper flowers on here. But first some pics of what I made!

The idea for this wall hanging is 'borrowed' from something similar I made a few years ago with a lovely, very creative and talented friend who was one of my first crafting teachers: Sarah Martin. She used to co-own a wonderful, sadly missed craft shop in Alsager called 'Craft Addicts'. Sarah led all the workshops. Her business partner was the very talented, Tracy Evans. They are both so lovely and both helped me to start my creative journey. I so miss that shop too! All the paints used are Fresco chalks; the stamps are various Squiggly Ink Flora and Fauna stamps. I've indicated these on the PA blog. The paper flowers started life as simple masterboards. Here:
After punching out 84 small hearts with a woodware punch, folding each in half and then adhering half of one heart to half another in batches of 6, I ended up with 14 hearts. When each heart flower is assembled i.e. Six punched hearts are glued together, there is just enough room in the centre to push down some thin wire and glue in place with silicone glue. Once assembled on the wire, as in the main photo, they can be inserted into the wooden hearts.

And there you have it. The PA blog has a much clearer walk-through of all the different stages, so hop over to the blog, as I go live there tonight! Thanks for your visit and please let me know you popped by! 


  1. the hearts are fantastic, and I love the colours you chose - whichever they are! A really gorgeous piece using some of the older stamps.

    1. Aw thank you Helen. I love these older stamps. I'm intending to do different projects on my blog with all my early PA stamps. Some I've never used! Crazy. But I have used these ones several times. Love those little birds. This was a big step for me. Wasn't sure it was the type of project that PA would want so very relieved to see that it was posted tonight! Thanks for your continuous encouragement and support! xxx

  2. Hi Chris, just wanted to tell you here too that I have loved your delightful project for PA to bits!!!!
    I stopped by the blog by chance after seeing this on FB, and I took the time to read all the step with pleasure yesterday evening... So joyous and inspiring project, so amazing work for the little hearts, and you show well that we can enjoy playing with our old stamps and do great works with them..
    Wishing you a nice and creative day!
    Hugs Coco xx