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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

PaperArtsy /Clare Lloyd new stamps and stencils!

What an exciting week with lots of luscious new stamp, paint and stencil releases from PaperArtsy and we are only on the 3rd night! Tonight I'm so pleased and privileged to post alongside PA to show my samples that I made with Clare Lloyd's fabulous new stamps and - 'Ta-Da' - new stencils too! This has been a complete pleasure. I adore these new stamps and love the flexibility of the new stencils.
I was given just one of the new stencils which, as you can see, has been well used! I love it. Here it is with her gorgeous girls!

Our team were given five colours to play with. And joy of joys, this included my all time favourite: Bougainvillea. These colours blend/contrast so well, I had a ball playing around with these. No paint left in any of the bottles though, especially after making several Gelli plate mono prints for backgrounds and embellishments. Here they are:
And now here are the samples I made for Clare. The guidelines are very exact as these need to be a certain size to fit on sample boards for shows. We were offered a template for a 12" square layout and  I generally kept to this. The largest is 11"x5", a couple of 7"x5" both landscape and portrait and then smaller sizes again. I have also made some 6" x 6" greetings cards but will post about those later in
 the week as there won't be room here tonight!
I adore Clare's girls and now she has a DVD out with Traplet Publishing showing us all how to create a Clare look-a-like! I love the hairstyles as they are great fun to colour in or stamp on mono prints. I really played around with hair colours on these samples! I tended to mix both stamp sets to create these samples and I urge you to buy both sets as the variety allows even more creativity. As the colouring speaks for itself, I will focus on how I created the backgrounds. On this sample below, I used the vaseline resist technique. This is very simple. After painting the first colour, which here was Mermaid Fresco chalk paint, you just smear small patches of Vaseline across the substrate. I waited a little while before then painting the second colour, Bougainvillea, over the top. The areas where you have smeared the Vaseline resists the new colour thus creating a striking distressed background. 

The trim around her neck is made with the flower on ECL09, but just the central petals. I just added coloured pearls on top. Her 'dress' is cut out from the Gelli plate prints I made with the paints. Don't you just love that cute little bird? It's from ECL10. I also mixed the texts from both stamp sets here. 
I really love the different elements on Clare's stamp sets, especially on ECL09. So I played around using these to make washi tape strips as you can see in this sample:

 On the next sample, I used masking tape and theses different elements again to create a 'wallpaper' background for one of the girls:

This time I stamped the face from ECL10 on one of the Gelli prints I had made, also using Clare's stencil. I just love that butterfly and due to its 'open' design will be useful for so many projects. Here, I again stamped on a Gelli print but I'm also using it for zentangling. The next sample focuses completely on Clare's stencil:

My favourite technique again of painting over the background to reveal the main image. I used all 
five colours in the original background, all elements of the stencil and various stamps from the two sets. I also added a few doodles before placing Clare's stencil over it and drawing the outline of the flower head and making leaves from the ovals. Then it's a simple but daring process to paint around this image. That bougainvillea really pops against the Bora Bora! I painted a similar 'art journal' style background on the next sample and added several of the butterflies stamped on a Gelli print.

So cute. I'm going to be using that butterfly - a lot! Now the largest sample I made using the girl's face from ECL10. This face is so gorgeous to play with due to it's symmetry. It also gave me the opportunity to add a body and dress which, on this occasion and something I rarely do, I cut from a sheet of scrap booking paper. But, of course, the embellishments are made with Clare's stamps and the odd pearl or two! 

Using Antarctic, Mermaid (completely run out of now 'cos I love it so much) and Candy Floss, I made a patchwork background and used a couple of elements on the stencil to tie all the squares together. The elements on that stencil are so flexible! I love the dots being well spaced apart with large circles too. Lots to play with. Her hair ribbon is again cut from one of the Gelli plate backgrounds I'd made earlier. I just love her bougainvillea hair! With all the hair colouring and faces, I started with Fresco paints but finished with my beloved Prismacolours. Amazingly there is a matching colour to nearly all of Leandra's paints! But then again, I do have the whole set of prismas! 
My final sample for tonight is where I used just part of the girl's face from ECL09. I think these faces lend themselves to partial stamping as if they are peeping round the corner. I've used them like this on my greetings cards which I will post later in the week. 

I stippled the background using Antarctic and Mermaid, then dabbed Bora Bora through the dots on the stencil in an attempt to resemble the sky. I had already stamped and masked the cloud from ECL10 in three places and once everything was dry and the masks were removed I added a funny little product called '3D Schnee' by Viva that I bought from Anne Marie Designs. It's great for puffing up the clouds, Santa's beard, sheep and Angel wings! But takes overnight to completely dry and harden.
So there you are. All the samples I made, and loved making, for Clare. I hope you love these stamps as much as I do. You certainly will if you're into drawing faces! She makes it look easy doesn't she? I am sure that you have already watched Leandra's periscopes every night launching these wonderful new stamps, but if not I've included a YouTube video here:

Thank you so much for stopping by. And, if you read through the entire blog post, you've earned several hundred Brownie points from me. I would love you to leave a comment here to show you visited and then pop over to the PaperArtsy blog or visit here: 
For more information about all the new releases! 
Happy crafting! 


  1. Thank you Chris, fabulous work. x

    1. My pleasure. You know how much I enjoyed playing with them.

  2. Loved all your samples Chris! Fab showcase for Clares new stamps. You used all the little elements very ingenuously!

    Lesley Xx

    1. Thank you Lesley but they were great fun to play with. I use them a lot at the moment. Going to show cards and journaling I've done with them later in the week.

  3. Gorgeous! Saw these on Paperartsy and to come over to see how you made them. Love how you used them and the cors.

  4. Thanks Chris your samples were amazing!!! So many great ideas!

  5. Beautiful samples, all of them! My bottle of Mermaid is empty too :)

  6. Just gorgeous samples. Love them. X